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Polish up your online presence with our free Digital Aptitude report

The chances are that you’ve got a website that on the surface appears to be working well. But when was the last time you really got ‘under the skin’ of it from a more technical point of view?

Maybe you’re in the process of paying to have your website updated, but lack of time and knowledge gaps means you’re resigned to being guided by the developer. Are you confident you’re asking the right sort of questions to get the best return from your investment?

88% of broker websites we reviewed are low to mid performing*.

  • Is yours loading quickly enough to reduce your bounce rate?
  • Is it fully optimised for search engines so visitors can actually find it?
  • Is it well-designed, with good content?

If all of this has got you thinking, then a bespoke (and free!) Digital Aptitude report from Aviva could be just what you need.

“The depth of the information that was provided about our website was excellent and really informative about what we can/need to improve".**

Why is it important to have a strong online presence?

Our industry is increasingly transacting online. Recruitment is also a hot topic right now. We think investing some time into how your company is showing up and presenting itself in the digital world is more vital than ever. The chances are it could be the all-important difference between you and your competitors.

What’s included in the report?

Our Digital Aptitude report gives you a score on a wide range of metrics from web content and design to your company social media, through to whether you have analytics or not.

You can even see how you’re performing compared to a peer group of brokers. We’ll then make recommendations and point you towards relevant Broker Mentor hosted resources.

Or, if you’re like one of the many brokerages that has an agency that looks after your website, you can share the findings with them, giving clear actions you want them to take.

Interested in improving your online presence?

If yes, then we’d love to hear from you. All we ask is that you:

  • have the time to listen to us talk you through your report
  • have the ability and desire to implement change

Simply drop us an email at:

See how it helped this broker

Gravity Risk Services has actively improved their scores over time using our insight and recommendations. Read how they did it in this case study and consider whether it could work for you too.

*Aviva Digital Aptitude, 2023

**Aviva Digital Aptitude follow-up survey results as of Aug 2023