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A local door-drop/door-to-door campaign

Door-to-door marketing best practice:

  1. You need to keep your message separate from the pizza delivery, window cleaning and other leaflets that get stuck through letterboxes, and often annoy the householder.

  2. Your door-drop needs to be something that:
    • Stands out
    • Will be kept by the householder (so print it on a heavy paper/light card)
    • Has a perceived value (and pleases, as opposed to annoys).

    Here is a good example:

    It is good because:

    • This simple piece of card will be kept and used by many home-owners to hang on inside doors.
    • Your details are therefore retained by the prospect until needed.

  3. You could decide to door-drop a creative postcard such as this.

  4. Talk to a copywriter about getting the message right.

  5. Remember that you are trying to generate a lead, not a sale. Keep it brief, with a tantalising benefit that they can read at a glance, followed by the action that you want them to take.

    For example:

    Free XXXX

    If we can't reduce the amount you are paying for your XXXX insurance we will give you a free XXXX. Call XXXXX now on XXXXX.

    Your local insurance broker at your service. We shop, you save.

     (To write or brief your own copy you will need to have worked out what particular benefit, what competitive advantage you can offer your prospects)

  6. Go online to find a (local) printer who already has a print template for a door hanger.

  7. Ask for a short print run, just to start with, to test the success of your message.

  8. Distribute your door-drop in a localised area that matches the audience for the product/service that you are promoting.

  9. If it works then you can print more and roll out the campaign.

    Consider door-dropping area by area over a period of weeks if there's a chance that you might be overwhelmed with leads.

  10. Talk to other local businesses that are door-dropping in your area to find out who they use to distribute their leaflets.

  11. Try to co-ordinate your door-drop with other leaflets that the distributor is managing in order to minimise your distribution costs.