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Telemarketing - your practical guide

In recent years telemarketing, also known as telephone marketing, has evolved.

It’s not a sales based approach but instead, used to find people with a need that you can fill, giving them a reason to have a conversation with a salesperson. If properly planned, this approach could prove to be very cost effective.

There are six suggestions below to inspire your strategic thinking, which hopefully you’ll find useful:

  1. Only call a prospect if you can give them something of value

    Your objective must be to initiate a conversation, as the first step to creating a mutually beneficial relationship. The call needs to start with the reason why it’s worth them investing their time talking to you.

  2. With existing customers; cross-sell, up-sell, and bolster your relationship

    Good telemarketing that delivers added value will help you to retain those who may be tempted to move to an alternative provider. Plus as their circumstances and insurance requirements may have changed, it gives you a great opportunity to cross-sell and uncover new sales opportunities.

  3. Use telemarketing to drive your customer referral programme

    Consider bringing referrals into your conversation with existing customers. Most will be happy to refer you if you give them the means and the encouragement to do so.

  4. Reactivate lapsed customers with a relevant offer *

    Try to find out why they haven't bought from you for a while and what you can do to encourage them back.

  5. Review your current procedure for managing inbound enquiries

    Consider doing some spot research to double-check that inbound callers are made to feel welcome and valued.

  6. Amplify the effectiveness of other marketing activity

    Use telemarketing to follow up sales opportunities, such as leads gained at events, click-throughs and inbound enquiries.

*You should not send marketing communications to any customers who have let you know they do not wish to receive them. You can find full guidance about when to send here.

Develop your telemarketing campaign

  1. Start by setting realistic, achievable targets/objectives

  2. Define your target market

  3. Agree how to engage with your audience

  4. Agree a structure for the call

  5. Check the mandatory legal regulations

  6. Consider the time of day, week or time of year

  7. Carefully brief your call operators

  8. Motivate those who are making the calls

  9. Make sure each call is followed up

  10. Record and evaluate your success

How to choose a telemarketing agency.